Still getting "the hard part done" thirty years later

August 15, 2008

Thirty years ago Bill Brown envisioned owning and operating his own construction company, where he could implement his ideas and personal creativity. So with that vision as a guide, Bill Brown Construction formally opened for business in March of 1978.  In the beginning the business employed 10 to 15 workers and was based out of his home.  

Thirty years later, in addition to building beautifully luxurious, architecturally complex homes, the company’s repertoire has expanded to include the moving and raising of homes and other structures, and building basements under existing structures. BBCC has now flourished and at times employs up to 117 people. It is because of Bill’s sincere appreciation of, and genuine interest in his employees, that some of the original employees are still here today.

Working with some of Silicon Valley’s top professional home building contractors, who share our vision, expertise, integrity and commitment to fine workmanship, we collectively can be credited with crafting some of the most unique luxury custom homes in the Silicon Valley, and the surrounding regional areas. 

Part of Bill’s philosophy is that the creative process cannot be limited to building things and sculpting objects.  The creative process also involves taking a stand for how we, as a company, as individuals, and as parts of our communities, would like to create the world we live in.  In addition to building creative spaces, it is equally important to our company that we establish relationships in our community.  At home, and in our extended communities.

Many of our employees families originated in a pueblo in Jalisco State, Mexico, called Amacueca.  Members of our staff, working as partners with Mexico’s Federal, State, and local municipal governments, have been increasing awareness, and raising funds to improve the quality of life and living conditions for its citizens. The goal being to finance small businesses with donated personal, and government matching funds, to encourage the local citizens on their path becoming financially self sufficient.  This type of project is, in Bills’ view, the type of program that can very possibly have a significant impact on reducing the need for families in Mexico, and elsewhere, to send their bread winners to the USA in order to survive.

Our efforts have also contributed to the building of a new library in South America. BBCCs’ donations to FUNDVEC, a Venezuelan foundation that takes a stand for education and culture, have been instrumental in the creation of the new library, and the purchase of the new books.  This facility provides a place where disadvantaged children and their families have access to  books and educational materials.  Please take a look at their website.  

Bill Brown Construction Company and its employees take pride in our achievement in establishing a prosperous company in a highly competitive and economically challenging industry.  


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