“As a professional General Contractor that works with a very demanding, intelligent, and informed clientele, we have to associate ourselves with subcontractors whose policies are the same or very similar to ours. We have worked with Bill Brown Construction Company since their formative years. Their emphasis on professionalism, technical know how, concern for the client, and finished product is second to none. We rely on their input when it comes to the very challenging projects that we encounter. We continue to use them and highly recommend BBCC when asked.”
Steve Farrell, President
Farrell Company
“We have worked with Bill Brown Construction for 24 years. Bill’s openness, honesty, and excellence extend to each employee, which is unique in this field.

Bill Brown Construction is the most knowledgeable concrete subcontractor in the Bay Area. Their skill ranges from foundations to interior concrete work. Bill and his team are passionate and articulate about what they do. We enjoy working with Bill and his staff tremendously. Working with Bill produces both a high-caliber product and a great project dynamic.

Conrado Home Builders highly recommends Bill Brown Construction.”
Paul R. Conrado, President
Conrado Home Builders
“As a General Contractor working on unique and exclusive residential projects, we rely on professional and dependable subcontractors. Bill Brown Construction has been a reliable and high quality concrete subcontractor with whom we have worked for more than 8 years.

We have found Bill Brown Construction to be accommodating and resourceful in meeting the challenges of our projects. Bill Brown Construction has been a key contributor to the success of our work. We have counted on Bill Brown Construction to give us the technical support and work through issues that are associated with the area of their expertise.

Bill Brown Construction always provides the highest quality work and ensures that the work meets our satisfaction and that of our customer.”
David Dhaliwal, Project Manager
Van Acker Construction Associates
“Working with Bill Brown Construction is like having the privilege of watching Michelangelo at work. With concrete as their medium they build incredibly beautiful yet brilliantly engineered solutions.”
Nancy Duarte, CEO
Duarte Design
“BBCC is synonymous with concrete. They not only know the engineering aspect of concrete, they know about the aesthetics of it, too. In fact, BBCC’s concrete comes out looking like sculptured art. I should know – they did a very large project for me that extended over several years. The job was done expertly, efficiently, and with style.

I also own a number of large apartment complexes and office buildings. Over 30 years I’ve had a lot of concrete people work for me, but I’ve never had a concrete team as good as BBCC. They do a sensational job for the right price. Plus, the company has character and follow-through. I will use BBCC again, and recommend them as a premier concrete provider.”
Don Head
“When our 1920s home needed some work, our architect recommended BBCC. We met with Bill and found him to be professional yet down to earth. We could also tell that he understood our needs. Before starting the project, BBCC provided us a very detailed estimate for demolishing our old basement, stabilizing our home with steel beams, and creating a new basement. And they said we could stay in our house and the work would be done in eight weeks – to our amazement, that's exactly what happened. We recommend BBCC to anyone who is thinking about concrete work. BBCC really knows their stuff!.”
The Pilot Family
“I’ve worked with BBCC on many residential projects, including house raising, house shoring, foundation retrofitting, and basement installation. BBCC has executed their work with the highest of standards, and they've also demonstrated a high level of integrity and competitive pricing. I give BBCC an unqualified recommendation.”
Jim Levitt
“When we bought our home, we were alarmed to discover that it wasn’t level. We wanted to do some remodeling, but needed to address this issue first. Anderson-Janovich, a division of BBCC, assured us that they could raise the house, replace all of the piers and posts – without damaging the plumbing or the heating ducts. They were right! And the project was completed on time and on budget. It was a very positive experience and everyone on the project was easy to work with. We’ve recommended their services to friends and will continue to do so.”
Donna Gein-Logsdon
General, Concrete, House Moving
and Shoring Contractors
Lic. No. 684764 B, C8, C21
242 Phelan Avenue
San Jose, CA 95112
T: 408 297-3738 F: 408 297-3848