BBCC specializes in residential concrete, house shoring and structural steel. We promote innovative, team-oriented solutions to complex concrete and structural steel projects. BBCC's core technical competency is in large residential concrete and structural steel foundations and retrofit basements.

Our core management competency is in collaborating with engineers and designers to deliver the most efficient, cost-effective and integrated design. Our field superintendents and crews are an energetic group of professional people focused on quality, cooperation, responsibility, and efficiency.

With more than 130 people on staff, we are flexible in meeting our customers' needs. And we enjoy our work.

BBCC has been in business for 30 years and has offices to serve you in San Jose, California.

General, Concrete, House Moving
and Shoring Contractors
Lic. No. 684764 B, C8, C21
242 Phelan Avenue
San Jose, CA 95112
T: 408 297-3738 F: 408 297-3848