Our estimates are well-defined and well-documented
BBCC is very professional and detailed in its approach to estimating. Our estimating department provides each client with a well-defined and well-documented scope of work. Accurate fieldwork schedules are included in the provided scope of work.

Our estimators are responsible to our customer, often discussing and quantifying construction work omitted from the plans to avoid future unexpected projects costs.

Our estimators clearly understand complex projects. Plus, they leverage fully integrated software — including CAD, estimating, accounting, and project management — that gives BBCC total control over every job from start to finish. This provides us with a complete picture, allowing us to tailor job performance at any time.

In-house design to meet your custom requirements
BBCC also has an in-house design/drafting department for detailing your projects and for interfacing with your architectural and engineering teams. The estimating department is CAD-enabled, so that files can be emailed to or from us for estimates.

Complicated and technically challenging projects are our forte
We shine in executing complex, complicated and technically challenging projects. We advocate for our customer's best interest throughout the project. Because we are experts in our areas, we're often able to provide practical alternative construction procedures.

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